One might ask, Why now?


My first instinct is to answer with why not?

But the more I think about that question, I realize that it is quite a valid one.  I believe that the ultimate catalyst for this journey are my boys.  Ever since they were born last year, I have striven to find the courage to do the things I want in life. To live my dreams and seek them out.  I want to be a role model to them that shows them to have courage to pursue their goals and ambitions and to follow their dreams to the fullest instead of waiting until retirement.

Like many people I was told that to make it in life, I needed to become educated, go to university, so that I could get a good job.  Then I would toil away at that for a few decades until I retired, all the while saving up for my children’s future and my own retirement.  After retirement I would then have the opportunity to do what I truly wanted.

“Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.”


The problem for me is that I know there is more to life than that.  Don’t get me wrong, I never regretted becoming educated, I think it is a privilege to have access to so much knowledge.  I also believe it helps us become more well rounded people. And what’s more is that it has afforded me experience that I would of otherwise not have had.  But the truth of it is, I’m still paying for it with student loans and will be for years to come.  And at the end of the day, I want to contribute more to my family, my community, to the world, and to my life.

So after several attempts at in my field, I have decided that its time to start transitioning.  I’m not sure what that looks like yet.  So far I intend to stay in my field of study for the immediate future but I am hoping that this blog is the first step to something more true to myself, more satisfying and simple.

I think it’s time for me to

“Do what you LOVE to do…”

South Park



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